Election 2016 The Year We Gave Up

Election 2016 The Year We Gave Up
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The 2016 Presidential Campaign cycle has been a surreal roller coaster ride that may ultimately end with the election of America’s first reality show Commander in Chief. The race for the White House has become such a sideshow we now find ourselves debating the validity of private email servers and whether or not a candidate’s “hand” size should sway voters’ intentions.

While the two major parties endlessly debate which candidate is ready to lead the free world, perhaps we can all get together and agree that the soothing power of coloring is the unifying force that can deliver us from the unfortunate reality that is American politics. Or perhaps coloring can just help relieve the feeling of helplessness that permeates our soul.

Features 26 coloring pages.

About the Authors:
Todd Kale is an illustrator who misses the days when outlandish political rants were only found on late night AM radio conspiracy talk shows. His work is at toddkale.com.

Dave Metrick is a project manager and freelance writer who is often frustrated with spineless politicians, the ridiculousness of modern media coverage, and an electorate who wants to have its cake and eat it too. When he’s not busy complaining, he blogs about running as the Reluctant Runner.